Civil engineering

In civil engineering we focus on the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of public and private works such as hospitals, hotels, sports halls, offices, residential buildings, retirement homes and many others. Are you preparing a site for a new facility? Are you planning to change the existing one? Our engineers will help you with both. Based on your individual needs we will put together a team which will fulfill any of your requirements.


Construction engineering

involves design, planning, execution and management of construction or infrastructure, transportation of materials and site development. We also engage in drafting and reviewing contracts, evaluating logistic and monitoring prices of suppliers.

Our engineers have years of experience with project’s construction phase. They are there for you to do the survey, assist at bidding procedure and contract administration, supervise the construction, prepare all necessary documents, help you choose material and equipment, assist with procurement and planning and scheduling procedure. As a matter of fact is regarded cost estimation and cost control during the entire construction phase to avoid cost overruns.


Sanitary engineering and water management

At Eng.Co.Cz we use the most up to date systems for chemical, biological, or thermal waste disposal from a site or a building. This area is closely connected to HVAC systems which are always designed by our engineers to fit specific needs of a building or a site. We will help you deal with contaminated sites after waste disposal or accidental contamination, suggest how to purify air and water and design suitable system for water treatment and waste disposal.

In water management we provide wide range of services from evaluation overall water supply and treatment needs of a specific building to designing and constructing ideal water and wastewater system including pipeline transport, water supply network, drainage facilities and canals.

Construction survey

includes exploring conditions of the future work site and the infrastructure underneath, lay-out of future facility (reference points that will guide the construction of new structures such as roads or buildings for subsequent construction) and post-survey performed at the end of project that the work authorized was completed according to the specifications set in plans.

LEED certification

is proof of quality recognized internationally. LEED certification provides an independent verification that the particular building was designed and built within the framework of sustainable development- it saves money as well as the environment, has positive impact on the health of its inhabitants and supports renewable sources of energy at the same time. Sustainable construction, water saving, energetic efficiency, choice of suitable materials and quality of internal environment are all very important. Eng.Co.Cz has got long-term experience with LEED certificates.


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